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Every year and sometimes every few years, Microsoft updates their Office suite with the latest bug fixes and updates to improve performance and functionality for its users. Microsoft will now be launching Office 2019 very soon. The catch? It will only be operational on Windows 10.

Despite Window 10’s popularity and critical praise a vast number of Windows users are still using Windows 7, one of the best operating systems ever developed, whilst a small number of people are still using Windows 8 and 8.1. Recently, Windows 10 overtook Windows 10 in international market share and now, other than upgraded features and Cortana, another reason for you to upgrade to Windows 10 is the option to use Microsoft 2019.

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This condition, however, does not apply to Office for Mac since they run on an entirely different OS. Office 2019 includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook apps, as well as server versions of Skype for Business, Exchange, and SharePoint. Pressure sensitivity, ink replay, tilt effects, new formulas and charts in Excel and visual animation features for PowerPoint   are a few new features which has the world talking about Microsoft Office 2019.

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