The mobile phone service will be suspended in Pakistan on the 23rd of March, that is the Pakistan Day.

The order was given by the Islamabad High Court allowing the federal government to suspend all cellular network services on the days when we need the security to be high in Pakistan, like 10th of Moharram, 14th August, and other important occasions. This means that all the cellular network services will be suspended temporarily throughout the day in different parts of the country, especially Islamabad prior to the Pakistan Day parade.

This decision was taken a few weeks after the Islamabad High Court announced that the government has no authority to suspend the mobile services from time to time for security purposes.

“The federal government or the [Pakistan Telecommunication Authority] are, therefore, not vested with the power and jurisdiction to suspend or cause the suspension of mobile cellular services or operations on the ground of national security except as provided under Section 54 (3) of the Telecommunications Act of 1996.” said the Islamabad High Court Justice Athar Minallah, who decided to file a petition against the suspension of cellular services.

The petitions were filed by some Islamabad residents on the 23rd of March, 2016 who faced a lot of problems during the the shutdown of mobile phone services for security purposes with the city.

The court then re-discussed its statement and changed their decision saying that this needs be be done if there is an official announcement of emergency by the President of Pakistan. This Pakistan news has always made Pakistanis restrict themselves to their home sweet homes.

The suspension of mobile phone services is definitely a cause of distress for the people of Pakistan since they cannot reach out to their loved ones due to the network not being available. Yet, due to the obvious security issues on Pakistan Day, this action will be taken again by the government.

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