Digital marketing
Digital marketing
By: Javeriya Ahmed Hussain

Imagine yourself in a room, having all the needs of life around you. Everything is just at a distance of your hand. No need to fatigue yourself by traveling from home to market and market to home. Tell me who will deny to get this facility in a life, loaded with works and busy routines? Here Digital Marketing is a source that welcomes you to transform your above (written) imagination into reality.

According to foremost marketing association of America: Marketing is an organizational function and a set of process for creating, communicating and delivering value to customers and for managing customers’ relationship in a way that benefits an organization and its stake holders.

In this new era of technology, Digital Marketing is the most dominant strategy among the various strategies of marketing i.e. Linear marketing, Affinity marketing etc. No one can disregard this fact that Digital Marketing has now become a part and parcel of our lives.

The living creature of this universe enjoys those numerous benefits which is only offered by Digital Marketing. It gathers worldwide people at a sole platform and serves the comforts of daily life at the screen of their gadgets e.g. Mobiles, Laptops, Tablets etc.

The strategy of Digital Marketing is beyond the bounds of possibility without digital technology i.e. electronic equipment and applications like smart phones, websites, display advertising etc. Various fundamentals like Search engine optimization (SEO), Content marketing, Social media marketing, Affiliate marketing has become the best business tool in the current era. Digital Marketing has placed desires of an individual at fingertips.

An estimation of social network users has reached at 2.62 billion in the last year and ratio of users is increasing day by day. With the expansion of social media users, the scope of Digital Marketing is expanding all over the world. At one hand it benefits the buyers while at the other hand it is advantageous and money making for businessmen.

Did you ever think, What does mostly stuck an individual to move into a new business? Yes! An investment. Mostly an investment appears as a burden that degrades a person to accomplish his career goals. At this edge Digital Marketing shines as a beacon of hope. A low amount of money is enough to start a digital business even under the roof of your house and the startup of this small business provides you a chance to have a hold on the top ranking position business.

Now a question rises that which technique or procedure is applicable to enlarge and run this business profitably and prosperously? So here is segmentation, automation and personalization is quiet effective and uncomplicated to flourish Digital Marketing. By compiling psychographic data, audience’s segments can easily be created. In a typical email campaign, 75% of revenues are collected from the segmented portion, the rest comes from general emails.

Companies using Digital Marketing strategies have 2.8 times better revenue growth expectancy (Google). It does not only enhance an income and earning but also grooms the reputation of company. Digital Marketing is double edged sword that offers opportunities to customers as well as to sellers for example when a dealer treats a vendee loyally he also becomes loyal to marketer and starts working as an ambassador of company’s products, in a result a company does not have to fritter away its money on brand ambassador thus a business enlarges with the help of clients’ advertisements.

You may have become aware of the significance of Digital Marketing, but it offers more facilities and advantages than mentioned above. So try your best to grab these opportunities, start a business and scale how it grows day by day.

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