The Indus Hospital and Telemart to hold a blood donation camp in Karachi

Telemart, one of the leading online stores in Pakistan, wants you to be a part of an amazing initiative. In collaboration with The Indus Hospital, Telemart is ready to set a blood donation camp in Karachi.

Pakistan’s leading e-commerce online store, Telemart in collaboration with The Indus Hospital is conducting a blood donation camp. The blood donation camp will be set up at Telemart’s head office situated in AL-Khaleej towers (401-406), Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Karachi.

People of Karachi can visit this blood camp on 15th of March 2018 from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Located in the densely populated area of Karachi, Korangi, The Indus Hospital is country’s leading hospital in terms of giving free treatment to those in need. The Indus Hospital is providing its services free of cost since the first day

Not only does the hospital treat its patients free of cost, it conducts blood donation camps on a routine basis to encourage other people to serve humanity. Unlike usual charity event ideas, The Indus Hopsital sets up blood camps in those places of the city where people belonging to any sect of life can reach easily.

Like we said, the free of cost hospital urges other sectors of the country to participate in its initiative to serve humanity. And this time, Telemart and The Indus Hospital hope that Karachiites will show immense participation in making this effort successful.

Some people are oblivious to blood donating’s benefits, so here’s how blood donation will not only benefit a patient’s body but it will also benefit yours:

Blood donation and its benefit to donor’s health:

Apart from the fact that by donating blood you can save more than one life, scientifically this act is beneficial for your own body as well. According to a study published American Journal of Epidemiology, blood donation can reduce the risk of heart attacks. Most importantly, it burns calories. Approximately 650 calories are burnt off a pint of blood. Blood donation also reduces the risk of cancer.

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