With current instability in weather, the country is hit with a large number of influenza cases.

The situation is getting alarming as a large number of cases are being registered, where patients are diagnosed with influenza; commonly known as flu.

The leading multidisciplinary organizations in Pakistan on public health issues; World Health Organization in Pakistan (WHO) and the National Institute of Health (NIH) have taken the issue seriously after deaths reported in Multan due to Influenza. They have taken notes of the cases and started re-conducting investigations into these cases which have hit different places of Punjab as well.

Many experts believe that the sole reason behind the increasing numbers of patients suffering from influenza is because, the citizens are being dully informed of this deadly infection which carries the same mutation that is found in pigs, suffering from the old flu virus.

Even though, this situation occurs every year in Pakistan still people aren’t highly concerned about it. Deadly and viral infections go viral from the start of January and dragging itself to March, leaving thousands of people with extreme illness and fatigue.

There are many ways for Government and health authorities to deal with this situation but the most important way to follow, that will help to encounter this yearly situation, is routine testing for flu. Sadly, this practice isn’t very common in the country but we hope this worsening situation of health might trigger the urge of self-responsibility in citizens.

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