The Instagram CEO endorsed that Instagram’s stories feature is not a copy of snapchat’s version but ‘similar to it’.

Originally, Snapchat had launched their distinct ‘Stories’ feature, showing photos and videos that would disappear after 24 hours.

After a while, Facebook launched the same feature on their Instagram app. Now, more people share stories on Instagram daily (over 200 million) than on Snapchat.

For the Facebook-owned App’s CEO, the battle between Instagram and Snapchat is nothing more than healthy competition. Claiming that other companies can certainly make use of new technologies discovered.

“The first time you see a product show up somewhere else it feels a lot like copying but imagine a world where the only car was the Ford Model T,” Systrom said. “In this scenario, Instagram is simply building upon a technology that Snapchat created,” he added.

However a senior analyst from a US-based market research firm stated that Facebook is not just borrowing from snapchat but it’s been known to ‘borrow’ features from other messaging apps as well. For example, Facebook Messenger learned a lot of features from WeChat (China)

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