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Instagram sure knows how to remain a tough competitor for the leading social media platforms.

The teenage-loved social media site keeps on introducing new Instagram features to increase and facilitate its number of users.

Instagram app introduced its shoppable photo tags in November 2016 which was then expanded to the United States, making shopping on Instagram available for the businesses in the United States.

After the successful launch in the United States last year, Instagram is going to launch the shopping feature for the business accounts in eight new counties.

Canada, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Australia are the eight new countries which are going to have Instagram’s shopping feature

The shopping feature tags will make shopping on Instagram much easier:

The new Instagram feature ‘shoppable tags’ launched in 2016 were introduced to make shopping experience at Instagram easier.

The social media site doesn’t allow links in captions, therefore, Instagram decided to make shopping on the website easier by introducing this ‘pop-up links.’ The shoppable tags allow the users to get a direct link to brands’ e-commerce stores.

This features also ensure, that those users continue spending their time on the website before clicking away.

Here’s how new Instagram feature, shoppable tags works:

Whenever the shoppable tag is clicked, it displays pop-ups, which include products image, prices and a link to the new page that contains more information about the product.

The “shop now” button drives the user to the brand’s own online store.

The new Instagram feature is like Facebook’s Instant articles:

The Instagram shoppable feature is somewhat similar to Facebook’s instant articles for products. Unlike Facebook, Instagram allows it users see the product quickly without driving them to a new browser.

There’s something more that can benefit Instagram users:

Like we said, the shoppable feature will make the shopping experience easier on Instagram but then there’s one thing, that is usually becoming a hurdle for online shoppers.

Not everyone buys products immediately, to solve this problem, new Instagram feature “save” is also going to be introduced so that the users can save the link and visit and shop later.

So, you can now finally get your hands on stuff through online shopping in Pakistan easier than ever before.

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