To win the on-going race of popularity among leading social media platforms, like Snap Chat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. are frequently updating their applications.

Every day there’s something new for social media users, from the latest Snap Chat update to Instagram ‘regram’ feature, updating game is getting intense day by day.

Instagram; one of the leading social media platforms is giving a tough time to its competitors by recurrently introducing new features, this time it has taken a risky step, which might cause a setback in its consumption.

Good news or bad news for Instagrammers?

Instagram is testing a new feature that might stop its user’s favourite activity, i.e. taking screenshots!

The new feature will allow users to see who has taken screen-shot of their stories, WHAAAAAT?!

It won’t be wrong if we called this feature ‘life-threating’, ‘freedom-taking’ and… Well, it will make things super-awkward, for sure.

How does this feature differ with what Snap Chat has?

Unlike Snapchat, the user won’t be getting immediate notification if someone took a screenshot of their stories. Instead, a ‘warning notification’ will pop-up as soon as you’ll take the first screenshot of someone’s story.

The person whose stories’ screenshot has been taken can see the activity by viewing the list of users who viewed his/her story. In the list of viewers, a camera shutter symbol will be shown in front of the user who has taken the screenshot.

According to TechCrunch, Instagram is likely using this test to see if the feature has any noticeable impact on engagement, before deciding whether or not they’ll roll it out to all users.

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