In desperation of seeking more love from its users, Instagram is acting like one clingy teenager in love.

Your relationship with this social media platform is more like a love triangle than a ‘basic’ love-story. Obviously, the triangle means there is ‘desperately-want-to-upgrade’ Instagram, ‘confused-user’ You and ‘the-upgraded’ SnapChat.

These two social media platforms are in a fight to attract maximum teenage users, therefore they are coming up with new features every now and then.

In an urge to be better than Snapchat, Instagram users will now experience amazing ‘calling’ and ‘video calling.’

It’s almost surprising that Instagram didn’t introduce this feature earlier as Snapchat had it in 2014, while Messenger started experimenting VoIP calling in 2013.

Even though the makers of Instagram didn’t release an official statement about this new feature but the icon can be seen surfacing on the APK version. So, it’s impossible for the pioneers to deny the coming launch.

It’s time to see if Instagram is capable to upgrade the game of voice and video calling with its new feature.


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