Since the launch of Instagram in 2010, photography and filters no more stayed a ‘photographer thing’. Photo sharing and editing became a new cool for everyone with a smartphone and the infamous ‘Instagram App’. Who would have wondered this community will grow as artsy and beautiful as a money plant tangled on grills of a balcony.

Every now and then a new photo trend makes a debut among the app and users go nuts following it in their own creative ways. Since late 2016’s DSLR-style shots are the talk of Instagrammers. A perfectly aligned shot with an artfully blurred background and single foreground subject in focus is what every coolio aimed for, but the launch of ‘portrait mode’ on the iPhone 7 plus (and, in 2017, the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X) rightfully nailed the job. Google also joined the marathon with Pixel 2 and so did Samsung with the Galaxy Note 8. However, it didn’t help the ‘living on a budget’ Instagrammers, but now it looks like Instagram itself could be a great equalizer.


Focus and Cheese!

The app is on its way to launch a new “focus” feature within Instagram stories, according to the report from TechCrunch and an Instagram spokesperson, “the app is testing a camera format that lets you easily capture artistic quality photos and videos, as another way to make it easier to share everyday moments with the people who matter to you.”

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Capturing a photo in focus mode is similar to clicking pictures in portrait mode: you’d be asked to start by centering the camera on the subject (Instagram specifically requests a face). Then, the background will blur and voila – a stunning photographer shot is ready to set the feed on fire.

Now let’s just hope this Instagram update gets rolled out to the wider public, making it easier for everyone to take impressive photos with their not-so-pricey wholesome camera phones.


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