Social Media is our new source of inspiration in every walk of life. Thanks to the tons of influencers with their infinite artificially inspiring posts. But not all the gold is glitter, especially when it is sparkling on your screen. According to a new research, there’s a one in 10 chance the Instagram personality you follow is fake, thanks to Instaliars.

Recently, social media technology and marketers, Hypetap analysed more than 35000 Australian accounts on the Instagram app and found that 13.3 percent of them show fake followers. On the international basis, almost 15.5 percent of a sample of 10,000 influencer profiles have a false or dead following totaling more than a fifth of their audience.

Image Source: Digital Trends

The co-chief executive Detch Singh said, “Advertisers want to ensure they get what they pay for. Many [influencers] have a small percentage of poor quality audiences, but if they’re over the threshold it’s likely something fishy is going on.”

After encountering these fake accounts aka Instaliars, Hypetap intends to go headstrong against it. Hyptype is creating algorithms to scrutinize the accounts. These algorithms include auditing to check the authentification. Now, before doing business with the advertisers, the company checks for fake followers. On the other side, disengaged audience adds the number of followers but provides no new leads. Plus, there is another kind of followers on Instagram who follow other accounts only to boost their own followership.

In the world where the use of bots and spam accounts is so frequent, such an amount of fake accounts is not a surprise. In fact, Facebook mobile is very much kind of under attack of these fake influencer bots. Google Company claims to have worked against these bots as well.

Instagram spokesman Ryoko Ichimura spoke on the matter:
“We take spam, inauthentic and other abusive behaviors very seriously. As you can imagine, fraudulent activity is bad for everyone – our business and the people that use our platform.”
Let’s just hope to have more of an authentic Instagram in the results of these efforts. However, the trend of influencers is bit unlikely one to not be followed.

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