Intel’s Shooting Stars drones continue to reach a new height as their exit ends with a final record for computer hardware has become a robotic pyrotechnics company. Records show thousands of small airplanes flying over California, organizing themselves in great celebrations to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary.

The Shooting Star drones first appear in 2016, when Intel set Guinness World Record by flying 100 unmanned aircraft in-line formation with Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. From there, something developed shortly thereafter with 500 endeavors this year and then deployed 1,218 drones in South Korea for the early Olympic Games earlier this year.

These efforts are more than just claiming a string of “Guinness World Records”. If you have imagined the spectrums created by the overwhelming fireworks displays, and then imagine that the organizers could control the way in the air, what are the possibilities of these LED-equipped drones, which are made from plastic and foam, weighing only 10 ounces i.e. 283 gram?

They have many colourful shapes in the air, like, turning the background of the poker card of the Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime show, and formed snowboarders and Olympic rings for the games in South Korea earlier this year.

The 2,018 drones used to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Intel, creating a shape of the company’s logo and other different shapes, setting amazingly another world record.

Source: Intel

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