Intel has been reported to have patching problems. To sort this issue, many users begin installing software patches Spectre and Meltdown to fight the bugs and flaws. These bugs demanded a great number of assembled patches including browser and operating-system-level fixes. After the break in of these bugs, people began using the required patches to resolve the security flaws and just recently began complaining about performance drop, slow working and rebooting of the system.

In a statement Intel spokesman Navin Shenoy said that users should stop using such software chip patches to tackle the security flaws because of the plague it’s causing to Intel. Moreover, these chips could expose important data if exploited.

Shenoy apologized for the ‘reboots’ and unpredictable behavior of the system and stated that Intel has identified the issue and is working on it hence users are recommended to skip installing those patches and wait till a better version is deployed by them.

Intel says that similar issues have been observed on Ivy Bridge, Skylake, Sandy Bridge, Kaby Lake processors as well and it is working very actively on developing solutions for the problems on them too.

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