We all know that the Coca-Cola Company is the world’s largest beverage company offering more than 500 brands of soft drink to consumers in over 200 countries.

It’s obvious that the company has a huge data. The company depends on a data-driven strategy to make business decisions at a strategic stage.

In fact, Coca-Cola was among the first globally-recognized brands outside of the IT market to speak about Big Data, when in 2012 their chief big data officer, Esat Sezer, said“Social media, mobile applications, cloud computing and e-commerce are combining to give companies like Coca-Cola an unprecedented toolset to change the way they approach IT. Behind all this, big data gives you the intelligence to cap it all off.”

Recently, Greg Chambers, global director of digital innovation, has said “AI is the foundation for everything we do. We create intelligent experiences. AI is the kernel that powers that experience.”

Product development

Coca-Cola is known to have comprehensive research and development resources into artificial intelligence (AI) to guarantee whether it is having every possible bit of information from the data it collects.

Results of this research were disclosed in the beginning of this year when it was announced that the plan to launch Cherry Sprite was a result of monitoring data collected from this current generation of self-service soft drinks fountains, which let people try their own mix of drinks.

As the machines let people add their own from a range of flavour “shots” to their drinks while they are mixed, this meant they were could pick the most popular mixes and launch it as a ready-made, canned drink.

Coca-Cola is also planning to step into the league of their own virtual assistant “AI” bots. The AI will remain in vending machines, allowing larger personalization, for example, people will be capable of ordering their combination from any vending machine, with the machine combining it to their individual preference. The AI will also adjust the machines’ behaviour depending on its location. This could mean more quick and exciting vending machines in malls or theatres, sombre, practical behaviour in a hospital.


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