Smart glasses game is on for a long time now, but hardly any of the tech giants have nailed the phenomenon! These tech giants include mega tech companies like Google and many others. But recently Intel has entered in the picture, with their version of smart glasses; which seems to be by far the most satisfying one. 

Image Source: UploadVr

Reported by The Verge, The Intel Vaunt Smart Glasses do not need any buttons or touch controls as you can operate simply with your headnotes and simple gestures. The glasses are simple in terms of both, their designs and their purpose.

The glasses allegedly provides you notifications putting into the stems that control a low-powered class one laser that projects a red, monochrome 400×150 pixels. The process actual directly conveys picture to the retina which means that it always remain in focus without any efforts. The Vaunt glasses are claimed to be even better than the smartwatches as provide notifications without any distractions.

The glasses have not been officially launched yet. However, Intel intends to launch it soon with an ‘easy access’ channels on big platforms.

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