You will come across many International Women’s Day latest blogs which will have the customary rants about how Women are being deprived of their rights. But I will solely talk about positive side of it today.

Different organizations from all over the world have been putting special attention on the women’s right, supporting them in every arena.

From their right to acquire education to raising a voice against domestic violence on women, all is being largely focused by a number of organizations successfully running around the globe.

In the honor of International Women’s day, we have jolted down a list of globally run organizations which are doing a great job in taking care of the civil liberties of women.

Women For Women International

Alyson’s Voice

It is a non profit organization with the motive to support women who got displaced due to a conflict or treated insignificant. The territories it deals with include Rwanda and Iraq and many other countries.

Orchid Project

Source: Orchid Project

Orchid Project emphasizes on the eradication of a queer cultural tradition which includes the practice of female genital cutting. They aim to educate people in countries like Ethopia to end this weird culture.

Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund

Source: Variety

This initiative is to provide legal assistance to women planning to combat harassment. It is a newly developed organization and has already fielded 1700 requests from all across the world.

Dress For Success


This unique initiative lets women have impressive attire from their stock to wear at an interview or a formal corporate meet-up. They provide dresses to women who cannot afford them. They take donations of clothes and distribute them among those who cannot meet the expense of buying a new dress.

Every Mother Counts

Source: Vimeo

This is basically an activist group whose aim is to improve the medical care for mothers. They give training to professionals and improved transportation. They also provide supplies to clinics.

Friendship Bridge

Source: istock

Friendship Bridge provides help to poverty-stricken countries to have opportunities for education and entrepreneurship. They offer micro-credit loans to women who are required to take part in education sessions.


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