One can’t deny the importance of emojis nowadays, the mini representation of your mood has now become the basic necessity in the modern world.

The Unicode Consortium; the non-profit organization that sets the global standard for emoji, announced the introduction of new emojis on Wednesday, and we are super-excited about it!

The new emoji list is all set to introduce 157 new emojis, the latest collection of emoji will surely make your social media time more fun than before.

The new emojis will be highly versatile, we are talking about new hairstyles with more hair colour, more animal’s emojis and much more smileys!

Get ready to have superheroes and villains in your frequently used emojis list:

The amazing list of new emojis will have superheroes and villains as well, and popular activities like lacrosse, knitting, sewing and skateboarding are also represented.

After Unicode releases its guidelines, software makers such as Apple and Google design versions for their respective platforms. That’s why emoji on iPhones look different than those on Android phones.

We can’t wait to use this super-cool emojis and make our chatting time, beyond fun!



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