Microsoft has Introduced the Next Generation of Skype


Microsoft bought Skype for $8.5 billion in 2012, has been downloaded over a billion times on smartphones alone.

But still it hasn’t updated any feature or a significant redesign since 2006, when it introduced video calling. Whereas, Facebook Messenger, boasts 1.2 billion users whereas, Apple’s FaceTime is popular with iPhone and Mac users.

“We don’t think Skype can rest on its legacy,” Skype corporate vice president Amritansh Raghav tells in an interview.

The updated Skype comes with refresh look and adds a number of new smart features to both text and video. The “New Generation” Skype will come first for android users and with updates of iOS, Windows and Mac apps later this year.

The upgraded version of Skype comes with some new fascinating features:

You can call up bots right from within a chat, so you can share the latest developments in the NBA Finals or pull up availability for Warriors tickets, without leaving the conversation. In video chats, you can share photos, call up some of those same bots, sketch on the screen, add stickers, and use filters. And, yes, there’s a way to share photos with your Skype contacts that works a little bit like Snapchat Stories.

Raghav says a major motivation for this huge Skype update was the input the group was getting from users

Young users. more preferably, were using Skype once or twice a week for video-chatting. But they use Facebook or Google apps for a day-to day video chatting with their family and friends.

Skype’s one of the greatest strengths is: It’s where people interact with the ones who hold an important place in their hearts.

“Sharing, the most natural of human interactions, is not happening on social networks,” says Raghav.

create a private little social circle for you and the people closest to you.
With the new elements, Raghav says, Skype is unquestionably attempting to upgrade your associations with those individuals: The bots give you things to discuss and games to play, while the new video talk highlights urge you to remain hanging on the line longer. The group is nonetheless looking at including official support for spilling Minecraft straight to Skype.

Raghav further says, Facebook is complement, not a competitor. Facebook is for everyone and Skype for the inner circle. For the time being, we are trying to make the people happy who are still on board with us.

For more details, watch the video on the link below.

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