A new study has gathered data from a large subset of around 50,000 users and suggested that the users having iOS 11 update are facing severe battery drain problem.

Researchers from Wandera security firm, as mentioned earlier, gathered the data from a subset of 50,000 moderate to heavy iPhone and iPad users. In comparison with the battery life performance delivered on iOS 10, it was found that the battery life on iOS 11 degraded at a much faster rate. While it took the iOS 10 device 240 minutes to fully discharge from 100 percent battery, its iOS 11 counterpart managed to discharge fully in just 96 minutes.

“Battery drain is a common iOS problem that usually pops up immediately after a major iOS upgrade release. This is partly due to Spotlight re-indexing and other behind the scenes shuffling. New functionality in iOS 11 could also be responsible for draining the life out of your phone. Animoji and iPhone X’s Face ID hardware use face-scanning technology relying heavily on the camera which is a notorious battery sucker,” Wandera said in its report.

The iOS users might be keen to test out new platform features with iOS 11, which might be causing further issues regarding the battery life, the stark difference in results clearly shows that the Apple needs to step in and solve the issue with an update. In the meanwhile, users can somewhat enhance their battery life by using a workaround.

According to Gadgets360, Users can limit the number of apps that refresh in the background by heading to Settings > General > Background App Refresh. Users can further save battery by limiting the number of apps that use location services by heading to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. You can also use Low Power mode to get most out of your device’s battery till the company pushes out an update.

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