Should you consider buying an iPhone X?

Well…Though it costs a fortune, it’s a standout among all other previous models because of its screen.

The flagship iPhone X actually sports Apple’s biggest phone display, measuring 5.8-inches on the diagonal, which is even bigger than the display on Apple’s largest iPhone, the iPhone 8 Plus, which measures at 5.5-inches.

But since the iPhone X has a design that stretches the display from corner to corner, except the sensor sitting on the top, the overall size of the device is smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus. It’s closer in size to the iPhone 8.

Have a look here:

Of course, Apple is gonna point out that the device’s screen is using the latest technology, called OLED. The iPhone X’s screen also features a comparatively higher resolution, which will make details look sharper in a close-up.

iPhone X’s screen turns out to be vibrant and colourful even better than the previous phones.

So, with all these perks, you should consider buying an iPhone X.


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