A week ago, a few iPhone X users made complaints about a green line showing up on the all-new OLED display. Though now, more users are reporting the issue, the problem still seems to be with limited users.

The flagship users are taking their disappointments regarding the issue on various forums such as Reddit, Twitter and the company’s own support page. Users have reported that even rebooting their iPhone doesn’t seem to be working. Based on Apple’s support page, around 35 users have reported the issue.

The vertical green line can be clearly seen, in the above tweet, appearing on the right or left side of the screen. Apple Support on Twitter has reached out to many of the users, with one specific comment asking if the user had updated to iOS 11.1.1, while other responses mention “We’d like to look at this together.”

Yesterday, we came to know that some users also reported the issue of unresponsive iPhone X display at near freezing temperatures. Apple acknowledged and responded that the issue would be fixed in a future update. It’s not clear whether the green line issue could be fixed with a software update, or if it’s a hardware problem.


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