iPhone X has taken the future of smartphones from Apple in a whole new direction. However, today, iDrop News has shared a concept for how the iPhone Xc might look like.

At first, you might take it as a silly idea, but iDrop News has some solid reasons why a reasonable and polycarbonate iPhone would be an engaging device for both consumers and Apple.

As we see today that almost every other phone maker is opting for a bezel-less design, it has become a standard flagship feature. And the tech giant, Apple is rumoured to introduce three bezel-less iPhone handsets next year. iDrop’s concept suggests that an iPhone Xc device could use an LCD panel instead of OLED to cut costs.

Another advantage of a polycarbonate body would be increased durability compared to the existing all-glass design of the iPhone X, and it would also work well with wireless charging.

iDrop has created a concept of a budget-friendly, bezel-less iPhone Xc and expects it to hit the market in the $450-$550 price range. If Apple could bring features like its TrueDepth camera system, bezel-less display, and wireless charging to an entry-level iPhone, it would likely be a benefit to its smartphone market share across the board, but particularly in India and China.

Check out the iPhone Xc concept gallery designed by Martin Hajek.


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