Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most used social apps around the world. And it seems in no mood to let its growth graph go down what so ever. Recently, Android Application Packages (APK) revealed the files for unreleased features of Instagram. The features were nothing developed but just an icon which is apparently for the “Call” and “video call” option. Although nothing is confirmed yet one can easily grasp the fact that sooner or later Instagram will release such features to maintain its amount of followers.

Image Source: Tech Juice

As Instagram had stagnated Snapchat’s growth before by launching “Insta Story”, it is crystal clear that if the Instagram launches video calling then it will definitely be a big blow to Snapchat.

Lately, Instagram’s attempt to knock out the competitors have been more apparent. New variations in Instagram are being introduced every now and then. Considering, its pace to renew the app the calling options can be expected soon to be launched.

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