We seem to brag and dwell about everything when it comes to change. Reason being, the requirement of efforts that it demands from you to fit in or the glorious memory of O’ so good past. But as a matter of fact, there is no need to “fit” or “dwell”. Change only demands progress and progress revolves around acceptance and submission.

However, the habit of freaking out at every new growth is not-at-all new. Back in the days when books were first published, there were even a group of intellectuals that believe that too many books would corrupt the learning procedures of our minds.

The written word will create forgetfulness in the learner’s soul- Socrates

While some straightaway labelled them harmful and abundant.

Confusing and harmful abundance of book…- Conrad Gessner, 16th Century”

But the matter now is not about books. We are now divided into two streaks. One believed that the “Internet Age” is making us more anti-social that we were better at communicating before. And the other half is all okay about the fact that internet age is the best and that there is no contribution of it making us more anti-social.

The latter is actually true. And if anything, social media societies are good enough to let you interact with people and junctions that have same interest as you. And we all know that interacting is the opposite of anti-social.

To put it all in a better way, think about a bunch of people sitting together but all busy in their devices. Now look a little closer. Out of 6 of them at least two would be sending emails to some fellow researcher or colleague about work or progress. At least one would be busy reading some e-book or an online article, the rest three, we can assume they are there indulged in some online entertainment. Of course, we’re not all heroes always up to great things. But rather than having some unwanted, forced chats with the person right next to you in the waiting area, we can keep ourselves busy in things we actually want to. These devices are our savior from the unleashed meaningless things we tend to do just to waste time. And besides you can always switch it of and start a conversation by choice and not by force.


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