Hacking has been an ever growing phenomenon ever since the cyber world exist. But the attempts are getting stronger and greater with every passing day, carrying an even larger effect than the previous one. But to every ‘yin’ we have a ‘yan’! Along with the lethal growth of hackers and their deadly crimes of devouring security on the internet, cyber security is also evaluating itself with an equally greater force.

Recently some prominent shifts have been observed in the cybersecurity industry in Israel. After the US, Israel has the second largest and strongest network of cybersecurity to prevent any forced penetration and invest in hundreds of cybersecurity setups every year.

However, some clear strategy change can be noticed in the cyber world of security in Israel.

Less Cybersecurity Startups: Tighter Criteria of Funding

Recently, a downfall has been observed in the cybersecurity startups in Israel comparing to the previous years. In 2017 only 60 startups have surfaced which makes up a decrease of 28% from 2016.But what is surprising is the rise in the number of funding investors are willing to give despite the downfall of companies.

But this might be the sign of cybersecurity in Israel being mature by not coming up with new companies and making investment criteria strict. The tighter they are making the criteria, the fewer companies are able to raise funds for themselves as they must have to fulfil the more complex, developed and advance need of customers first.

Ecosystem taking Control in 2018

By tracking the channels of growth and alignment of cybersecurity industry in Israel, one can predict a few things. As youngsters especially female coders have been observed to be more involved in generating fresh ideas for tech safety, Israel will most probably continue flourishing the local market of budding talent in IT.

However, soon the ecosystem is going to take control over the cybersecurity systems as Israel plans it to project in ‘Cybertech Israel’, the second largest conference of cyber technologies, and probably taking place in January 2018.


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