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Remember the time when you thought that your private information on Facebook will be safe. And strangers on Facebook couldn’t access it because you’ve made your account secure with the ‘best privacy policies’? Well, that bubble busted out really good, You know, the Facebook data breach scandal and all. WhatsApp Chatwatch will burst another bubble. 

But it’s time to stab your heart with reality, one more time

WhatsApp Chatwatch: WhatsApp allows other users to invade your ‘hidden’ privacy with this ‘spy’ application:

Yes, WhatsApp, a company owned by Facebook. Yes, Facebook, a company involved in Cambridge Analytica scandal. Yes, Cambridge Analytica, a voter-profile company in America who had illegally accessed data of more than 50 million Facebook users. WhatsApp allows other to other user’s to get information about your private data and that too without your consent, just like Facebook did!

Let’s take you on another journey of misconception: 

Remember the time when you thought by changing your WhatsApp privacy setting and disabling the ‘last seen’ feature would actually work? And from that time you’re living in a bubble of fantasy that now your WhatsApp contacts can’t see the time you were last active on WhatsApp. Well, WhatsApp Chatwatch will prove you wrong.

If accessing data of more than 50 million users was so easy in the Cambridge Analytica Debacle, then how can accessing your WhatsApp private information be a difficult task?

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WhatsApp Chatwatch: An application that lets you monitor your Whatsapp contacts’ online/offline activity even when their ‘last seen’ is off

You heard it right, there’s an application that allows a Whatsapp user to spy on his/her WhatsApp contact’s online and offline activity even if their ‘last seen’ is disabled.

And not only does this WhatsApp Chatwatch inform you about the last seen activity of your WhatsApp contact, it also informs that when your WhatsApp contact went to bed and for how long they slept.

The application uses Artificial Intelligence to do so.

Okayy… Now that’s creepy

The application is called ‘Chatwatch’, which is currently available for iOS only.

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