Flying cars are talk of the town these days. Where U.S. and other international aircraft makers are entering themselves in the manufacturing of flying cars, Japan is also determined to create a flying car, called Skydrive, and has yearning objectives for Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics.

Skydrive, flying car to light up Tokyo’s 2020 Olympic flame

The thought behind Skydrive begun in 2012 when Tsubasa Nakamura and a 30-in number gathering of originators called Cartivator won a competition for their initial  outline for a flying vehicle.

Japan’s greatest and most persuasive carmaker, Toyota and its gathering of organizations, have consented to support Cartivator’s Skydrive project, with around 4.2 million yen ($370,000).

Industry heavyweights like Toyota and Nissan are planning for autonomous vehicles to ferry competitors between the Olympic town and different sporting venues around Tokyo Bay. Toyota is working retro-styled, London cab-inspired taxi.

The Skydrive will join an developing number of flying autos that incorporate the Dutch-made 3-wheeler PAL-V ONE, the smooth looking, 2-traveler Slovakian-manufactured Aeromobil 3.0, the U.S.- built road legitimate plane Terrafugia Transition and the Chinese-made Ehang 184 self-sufficient aeronautical vehicle.

Japan’s Cartivator plans to arrange Skydrive’s prototype for first test flight by the end of 2018, with the objective of lighting the Olympic flame in 2020. Ryutaro Mori, Cartivator’s business chief says, “We want to emulate and improve on the method used to light the flame at the Atlanta 1996 Olympics. That was spectacular”. If all goes to plan, the thought is then to popularize a flying auto straightforwardly after the Olympics.

The Skydrive will have the capacity to float at under three feet off the ground and will utilize vertical take-off and landing technology, so it doesn’t require streets or runways. Of course, the flying vehicle utilizes innovation normally found in drones, including the utilization of four rotor blades.

Before drivers take off to the skies, be that as it may, numerous security issues must be replied. Just as the government around the globe tried standardized laws and rules, new aerial traffic laws should be made for the safety.

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