Despite the fact that Harry Potter’s last movie and book even before that, had revealed all of it yet fans still keep searching anything which could be related to their favorite fiction. So, the good news for all those people is that, in a recent online exhibition, JK Rowling’s original sketches have been shared. The exhibition was held live last year at the British Library but now it has moved online.

Image Source: Cosmopolitan

The exhibition includes rare books, manuscripts, sketches and behind-the-scenes objects, including author extraordinaire JK Rowling’s original sketch of Hogwarts grounds, including the Whooping Willow, Quidditch stadium, and Forbidden forest.

Image Source: Cosmopolitan

The online show is being exhibited in six different languages in ten various exhibitions. Not only that, but impressive illustration, drawings, and painting by Jim Kay is also the part of the exhibition which makes it even more exciting.

The online exhibition is available on Google’s free Art and Culture app.


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