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The rapid growth in home safety equipment and technology has made it just that much more difficult for home invaders and burglars to financially harm you. Despite these advanced security measures most people can’t help but feel the paranoia when they fall asleep or leave the house unattended. This is where Kevin comes in, a speaker of illusions which is supposed to make it seem like you are always home.

Credits: Techspot

Made by Swiss company Mitipi, Kevin looks just like any other speaker but is covered in the back with LED’s which lets the device simulate movement through the home lighting being used by an occupant. Kevin must be set up either near a doorway or any place a burglar might look. The speaker activates itself when there are no current occupants in the house and recreates the ambiance of the house according to an algorithm it runs which is based on the location of the house, the time of the day and overall environment of the house. From toaster noises in the morning to radio sounds at night, Kevin recreates daily life. It will pay louder sounds if you live at a downtown area and quieter ones if you live in the suburbs. Of course, there is an app for Kevin as well which lets you customize who the speaker runs and the sounds and lights it creates.

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