The famous fast food chain KFC closed the doors of about half of its 900 UK outlets temporarily due to delivery problems. The KFC outlets in UK ran out of chicken so severely that they had to shut half of their outlets all across UK.

About 562 out of their total outlets remained shut after a weekend of disruption which peaked at the night of Sunday at 646 closures. Only 338 stores remained opened on Monday night and the situation in some of them was so bad that they offered a very limited menu following restricted opening hours.

This massive shortage of chicken created an uproar over the entire United Kingdom. The representatives of the company said that they are not sure when will the operations be back to normal but they assured the KFC fanatics that ‘the colonel is working on it’ referring to the US founder of KFC, Mr Colonel Sanders. They also said that they are trying ‘flat out’ to get the crisis resolved as soon as possible.

To make sure their fans don’t get deprived of munching on their favorite burger, the company has set up a web page where the KFC lovers can find the nearest outlet which is ‘open’.

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