KFC Waffle Double Down Makes an Iconic Return in Canada

The KFC waffle double down is no other than a foreigner uncle you always thought lives in America but it comes as a shock to realize later that he turns out to be a Canadian citizen… weird example but yes this is what it is.

The stomach is hurt, taste buds are confused, but still, the heart beats for a bite.

The Pamela Anderson of the fast food menu, KFC Waffle Double Down is a somewhat heavenly yet slightly cringe affair of sweet and savory. The sandwich is a good looking spin on the classic American pairing of chicken and waffles. It is comprised of two signature KFC fried chicken fillets around a Belgian waffle – which has been drizzled with Canadian maple syrup aioli, cuz’ Canada ya’ know.

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Since the goodness is not yet available in the rest of the world, you all have to settle for blessing your eyes on this boomerang tweet.

KFC – the fast food giant famous for trying out of the box tactics for its fans and finger lickers, has been winning all the taste buds and hearts since forever. Be it a chicken wing drone or a chicky meal, KFC Canada has nailed every bite like no other. Yet again this time the fast food-throb is back with a waffle and chicken combo but in Canada only, and so the twitter news is getting hotter as the world is feeling ultimately left out.

Sounds like some sarcasm… sounds like some truth.

Promising stuff… hmm

According to KFC Canada chief marketing Officer Samantha Redman, “the original Double Down is our most talked about and demanded menu item in Canada.” (Yea, so you just revamped that thing with a waffle).

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