The South Korean automotive giant is all set to launch its Sportage SUV  in Pakistan in April 2018. All you need to know about Kia sportage launch in Pakistan.

Kia, the car manufacturing giant of South Korea, is expected to bring Kia Sportage 2.0L and 2.4L to Pakistan’s automotive market. This article will provide all the insight you need about Kia sportage launch in Pakistan.

Although no official statement is launched by the automotive giant itself, however, rumours have it that Kia is looking forward to exploring Pakistan Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) market. Therefore the automotive’ manufacturer is looking forward to launching its 2018 Sportage in Pakistan, before the end of April.

KIA Sportage is a potential competitor for Honda BR-V:

Once the  KIA Sportage is launched in Pakistan it will be a direct and tough competitor for currently-successful SUV in Pakistan, Honda Br-V.

BR-V is a reaching popularity in Pakistan already with its sales crossing 600 units in February alone. 

What will KIA Sportage bring in Pakistan?

KIA Sportage is being considered as a direct rival for  Honda BR-V, let’s see if the ‘rumoured’ new SUV in Pakistan keeps the potential to show BR-V a hard time:

According to the latest news, Sportage will be launched in two variants with two dual overhead camshafts, 2.0L and 2.4L, engines. The international Kia Sportage SUV comes in three variants overall; Sportage LX, EX, and SX Turbo.

Expect prices for KIA Sportage 2018:

Like we said, an official statement for KIA motors isn’t here yet but expected prices are surfing all over the internet. 

The international price starts at Rs 2.3 million and goes up to Rs 3.3 million depending on the variant. 

One cant predict its local prices in Pakistan’s automotive market, to know about the actual and initial discounted rates, we have to wait for the official launch. 

Here’s a glimpse of Kia sportage launch in Pakistan:

Even though Korean Sportage isn’t ‘offically’ here yet but some of its units were seen on the roads.

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