KIA launching its vehicles in Pakistan once again. The latest hype is over Kia Sportage SUV car.

Kia Sportage Launch in Pakistan is the top news of the automotive industry nowadays. The Kia Sportage SUV is rumored to be launched with two dual overhead camshafts 2.0L and 2.4L engines. Also, the Sportage comes in three variants; Sportage EX, LX, and SX Turbo.


Various international manufacturers were determined to invest in Pakistan’s automotive industry after the Auto Policy was altered in 2016.

Kia Motors has recently partnered with the famous Lucky Cement Company and is all set to make a reappearance in Pakistan. The South Korean automobile is expected to launch four new vehicles this year. They are Kia Rio 2018 (Hatchback), Kia Carnival 2018 (MPV), Kia Picanto 2018 (Hatchback), and Kia Sportage SUV (2018).

The other major international auto companies set to launch cars in Pakistan in 2018:

Believe it or not, we did lose some major international players from our automotive industry here, in Pakistan. Throughout the history, we lost these well-known manufacturers as well as the cars they were offering in our country.

Yet, many of them have planned to come back for us. Some of them are:

  1. Renault: The news was confirmed back in 2017 that the French automaker Renault has decided to make an appearance in Pakistan. The automaker signed a contract with Al-Futtaim, a Gulf-based business house which will start assembling and producing cars in Pakistan while Renault will bring new innovations to it.


2. Hyundai: This is another automotive company coming to Pakistan this year with its            electric and hybrid cars. This Korean company has partnered with Nishat and are                expected to launch Hyundai Nishat cars in 2018.


3. Volkswagen: The famous Volkswagen also expressed their desire to invest in the              country when the Volkswagen’s board management’s member met the Prime Minister of      Pakistan last year. Let’s hope that they do launch some good vehicles in our country.


As excited as the car-lovers are in Pakistan after hearing the news of Kia Sportage Launch in Pakistan, so is this car manufacturer as it has planned to launch some exciting vehicles for the nation.

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