No matter how much we want to, it would be very difficult to raise our hopes from Lahore Qalanders in today’s match. Despite their off-field attention-grabbing activities, Lahore Qalandars are still yet to make a mark on the field. The team has lost all the five matches they have played until now. Although the fans expected some visible efforts by Lahore Qalandars to rectify the previous history of bad performances but sadly, no good has came out yet.

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However, there is still room for redemption for the team as they are going to face Islamabad United in today’s match. Last week, in a similar playground battle, Lahore Qalandars lost the match from Islamabad United. The harsh memories of the ruthless defeat won’t be easy to forget.

Is There Any Chance Of Comeback?

Well, no matter how risky it is to say, I would still at least have some speck of hopes in my hands for Qalandars. Only if I look at the logical side and not their illogical performance pattern.

Looking at the players Lahore Qalandar has, one can find no valid reason for their poor performance. The franchise has some very prominent players in the team like  Brendon McCullum, Sunil Narine, Umar Akmal, Fakhar Zaman, and Sohail Akhtar. The bowling unit is no less either.  Mustafizur Rahman, Shaheen Afridi, Aamer Yamin, Yasir Shah and Sunil Narine are some of the bowlers who can win the match single-handedly for the team.However, opposite has been done so far. Plus, they surely need to work on their dot ball ratio.

The bittersweet fact is that Qalandars have no apparent reason to lose if they use their potential well. But again, only if they are willing to do so unlike the past matches in which they failed to even lose with dignity.


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