We’ve often seen super-fast fictional vehicles in movies but this time, NASA has unveiled an “out of this world” futuristic Mars rover concept vehicle to inspire young people and incite their curiosity about its plan to send humans to Mars in 2030s.

The mighty vehicle was unveiled at NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex this week.

The six-wheeled Mars rover is made up of carbon fibre and aluminium. The truck, powered by electric power, solar panel and 700-volt battery is 28 feet (8.5m) long and 13 feet (4cm) wide. It is designed to accommodate four astronauts.

The rover is consist of two separable areas.

  • The front area has been designed to scout around , equipped with a radio and navigation provided by the Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • The rear end of vehicle has a detachable laboratory, for extraterrestrial fieldwork.

NASA has already two vehicles currently on mission Mars but the agency has pledged to move humans on the red planet by 2030s , so they’re looking forward for transportation needs.

However, its not obvious that exactly this rover will operate on Mars, but one or more of its components could make their way into red planet, NASA scientists wrote in a blog post this week.

NASA added that the Mars rover concept vehicle will be exhibited at multiple locations from July to August, after displaying at Kennedy’s visitor complex for few weeks.

The Mars rover concept vehicle will return to the visitor complex to be part of the new Astronaut Training Experience attraction opening in the autumn of this year, said Rebecca Shireman of the Kennedy visitor complex.


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