Latest Samsung Galaxy S11
Latest Samsung Galaxy S11
These past few weeks, we’ve seen a handful of renders showing off the design details and the partial camera layout on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11+. @OnLeaks has leaked most of these renders, and courtesy of this source, we’ve now got a mockup of the actual quad-camera setup.
The CAD render pictured below portrays the four lenses, a pair of sensors, and an LED flash arranged vertically in two columns. The modules are housed inside a giant domino-shaped bump, which is perhaps the only feature shared by the renders from @OnLeaks and @UniverseIce. The earlier renders of Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus depicted the lenses arranged in an asymmetrical fashion, but these fresh images reveal a more proportioned layout.
This design choice makes more sense, but as 9to5Google reports, the bump is supposed to protrude 2 mm out the rear shell – think Google’s Pixel 4 but more domino-style. While we wait for live images to pop up, we do know that Samsung will be using a custom-designed 108-megapixel primary sensor that uses 9-to-1 Bayer tech.
The main Samsung S11 camera is sandwiched between an ultrawide-angle shooter and a periscope module with support for 5X optical zoom. The remaining lens is tipped to be a Time-of-Flight sensor on the top-right corner. If the source is to be believed, this is the final configuration that Samsung is going with, and with the S11 launch only two months away, it seems plausible.
Speculation has it that the lineup will feature 8K video recording and will be powered by a Snapdragon 865 chip, with 5G support and 12 GB of RAM. And we might even see Samsung carry over the ultrasonic fingerprint reader from the Galaxy S10 series.
To that end, even though we won’t have confirmation until February 11th, 2020, the Galaxy S11+ is shaping up to be a true flagship of flagships. And if you have an S10 for now and you want to upgrade, selling it before February 2020 could be a very good idea as Samsung prices for the earlier series could set to tumble after that.

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