Saturday, January 18, 2020
Leaked: BlackBerry Krypton might release as BlackBerry Motion with water-resistant technology

Leaked: BlackBerry Krypton might release as BlackBerry Motion with water-resistant technology


Smartphone manufacturer, BlackBerry’s decision to include Android is a good one, but it may not return the brand’s former glory. The company’s latest phone is indeed impressive, the KeyOne,  which featured hardware keyboard. But if the recent leak will be true, the brand’s defining physical keyboard characteristic will be ditched. Post by ever-reliable tipster Evan Blass gives us our first look at the front of the touchscreen device.

So, the recent rumours already suggest that the device would have virtual keys. And, TCL (BlackBerry’s partner on its handsets) told that it would be water-resistant. But, besides providing a proper look at its design, Blass also leaked what may be its official title. The device everyone was referring to as the “Krypton” is reportedly dubbed as BlackBerry Motion.

As far as the looks are concerned, the BlackBerry Motion doesn’t follow the ongoing bezel-less trend. It also has a home button with an embedded BlackBerry logo. And, there’s a 3.5mm headphone jack. So, in many ways, it is a classic device, not in the traditional Blackberry design though. Still, that doesn’t mean the company is doing away with its other defining features. The Motion will carry the strong security software that BlackBerry prides itself on, and apparently boasts a high 26-hour battery life. Details on its full list of specs, however, are still limited.

The device is rumoured to arrive this month. Although, if past examples like the BlackBerry KeyOne Black edition are any indication, TCL could be releasing the Motion in some markets first before bringing it globally.

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