Are you stressed? You must be figuring out the cause of stress, and it must be something external. Mostly, people blame external factors to be the cause of their stress. We believe that something, not in our control, have caused us to worry and created tension and thus, we strive to correct the outside factors, be it a human being or an object. Despite all of the efforts we put in, the problem remains unsolved.

Abstract emotions such as pain, peace, stress, pleasure, joy, sorrow and many more are not created by the outside factors such as objects or any being, infact, all is dependent on the relationships we have with that object.

For example, cigarette might be a pleasure to one person while the other abhor it. Life is all about relationships. You might choose right partner for you life, but you might fail to create the right relationship with that person. If there is a lack of relationship or more precisely, appropriate relationship, you get frustrated, stressed and worried.

Your relationship with the world is dependent upon your nature and personality. Mind and intellect are two things of your inner personality. Mind desires and your intellect will guide you how to control them. If you don’t have the intellect strong enough to control your desires, then you are in problem. Because stress is caused by unfulfilled desires, so in order to have stress-free life, create a balance!

You must be relating intellect with intelligence. But no! intelligence is different. Intellect comes from your personal experiences, questioning and reasoning, and if lack intellect, you fail to understand people, their behavior and how each individual is different from another. Thus, we fail to assess their behavior and attribute everything to their inner-nature. Your mistaken hopes and wrong assessment cause you stress.

Learn to look your surrounding as they originally are, and not what you like them to be and become stress-free.

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