LED F.Lashes – A new Kickstarter Project


This Kickstarter project was started out as a Halloween Project but later got really famous. The LED Flash Lashes respond to the movements of head and body such as dancing, jumping or posing for selfies.

It has six different effects such as Liquid Pour, Twilight Sparkle, Hyper Burst, Knight Riding, and Endless Winks. And it comes with seven different colors such as Bright White, Light Pink, Bright Red, Bright Yellow, Light Green, Bright Blue, and Light Blue.

The LED F.Lashes have a controller which is connected with wires that are barely visible. The controller has a responsive motion sensor programmed with several unique light effects.

This technology uses a coin battery (CR 2032) which is cheap, safe and is commonly used in watches.

The LED f.lashes are cool to touch and are weather resistant. Plus they don’t affect your eyesights.

In order to get this smart looking LED F.lashes, back this project on Kickstarter. The sooner you back this project, the sooner you’ll get the product.

To back this project, head to Kickstarter.com

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