Back in the old times human specie was not exposed to all kinds of rays which are now present here and there and many of the rays are harmful for our over all health, considering the fact that human beings are also energy and we all deal with negative one’s.

You can clear your energy and feel fresh through meditation.Yes, you can get through your hectic routines and climb mountains on your own just by keeping your cool.

Take a plunge !

You don’t have to be a monk or a zen master it’s for everyone and it feels like giving your self a hug. High time to meditate is in the morning and it’s better if you’re surrounded by a mother nature to get your skin glowing.

Mindful Meditation

This meditation is good enough for a starter.This simple technique can quiet down the mind and it can decrees anxiety levels so you can focus on the present moment. You will feel the change !

How to do it ?

Find a clean place to sit.

Sit with your legs crossed.Connect your index finger with your thumb (it works i swear)

Start deep breathing in and out. Slow and deep breaths for 10 mins at least.

Most people like to keep their eyes closed while doing meditation or you can keep them open and gaze at a tree or any plant.

Soon you will discover that you can’t stop your mind from thinking so it’s better to accept the thoughts, just don’t cling to thoughts and let each thought pass like a cloud or a headline. Important task is to FEEL the breath.

Now you’re ready to take on the world, go out there and be an empath !

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