There is this famous statement that goes all around the globe except for the Muslim countries and that is “Muslims are terrorists, murderers and rapists, while the white people are peace and human loving people”. After the letters circulated all around London about ‘Punish a Muslim Day’, I can see how much they love humans.

For those who still have no idea what ‘Punish a Muslim Day’ is, here it goes. Many Muslim communities residing in London received an anonymous letter containing a message that was absolutely terrifying.

The message said that ‘Punish a Muslim Day’ will be observed on the 3rd of April. The letter also comprised punishments with points that would be awarded to the person on acts of cruelty, for example 50 points will be given as a reward to ‘throw acid in the face of a Muslim’, or 1,000 points for ‘bombing a mosque’.


These letters were received by many people on their home and business addresses, in mosques and schools. They were also received by 4 Muslim members of the Parliament.

The message created an alarming situation in different parts of London. The people are so scared that they are barely getting out of their homes and also, not letting their children play outside. There have been many appeals to police stations and the police has started a national counter-terrorism investigation immediately.

The Muslim residents of London, Bradford, Cardiff, Leicester, and Sheffield who received this letter are not only disturbed by the situation, but are also saddened by the reality that their own city and their own people have not accepted them just because they belong from a Muslim community.

These news and pictures of these letters started circulating on the social media as people tweeted on their Twitter accounts about how sad they were. The latest news is that as the pictures went viral, a Muslim tweeted a picture of a letter with the same format as the horrid letter, with the title ‘Love a Muslim Day’. This letter also had points for kind acts like ‘Smile at a Muslim’ for 10 points, and ‘Invite a Muslim to your home’ for 100.


Well, let’s hope and pray that the Muslim community in UK stays safe on the 3rd, because right now, this is all we can do for them.

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