Lastly, Levis introduced a new motorcycle in 1938, three years before the shutdown. Eighty years later Levis logo reappeared on the V6 Café Racer, the new brand motorcycle built around a modular racing car motor, a host of bespoke parts and the price tag for very little.

Levis Motorcycles was among the pioneers of the British motorcycle industry and was active from 1911 to 1941, the company in Birmingham England built its name into a series of small-capacity two-strokes, that will deliver a lot of victories at the Isle of Man Lightweight TT in early 1920. In 1928, Levis developed its first four-stroke, which went successfully in off-road racing, until World War II.

The “Levis” brand remained idle until 2014 when its rights were bought by David Redshaw. In 2017, he met Phil Bevan, a businessman who had already bought Connaught Competition Engines, a British company that made a small V10-liter engine for GT racing cars.

This engine is designed on a modular design that allows easy production in V8, V6, V4, and V2 version, and Bevan was looking for a decent motorcycle to accommodate it. He immediately purchased the brand rights from Redshaw and together they set up the Levis Motorcycle company in July 2017.

For Café Racer, they developed a V6 version of 1,200 cc, with Connaught’s liquid-cooled engine, producing around 120 hp (89.5 kW) and plenty of torque – an estimate of 120 Nm (88.5 lb-ft).

Levis also produced most parts of the Café Racer in-house, including the fork legs, clamps, headlight assembly, steering, brake discs, wheel-gear boxes, and wheels – all made of solid aluminum blocks. This opens a wide window for Levis by offering customized capabilities to the most important things like the finish of the frame and bodywork panels.

Levi will present two basic versions of the same bike, Café Racer, and the Ultra Roadster, at the Goodwood Revival event in West Sussex, England, on September 7-9.

It should be noted that the motors shown in this article are the only models designed to clean the styling of motors and serve the target for displaying online advertising on July 18th. Levis suggests that café racer will look better in its final form with fewer details.

However, when the V6 Café Racer becomes a reality, it will cost no less than GBP 102,000/- or about $ 133,000. If money is not an obstacle, then your desire will be fulfilled.

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