Sunday, October 20, 2019
LG Is Going To Release A ‘Raspberry Red’ V30 At CES 2018.

LG Is Going To Release A ‘Raspberry Red’ V30 At CES 2018.


LG is launching a new V30 variant at CES 2018, targeting those not quite fond of the phone’s original black, blue, silver and lavender color schemes. The upcoming version is called “raspberry red,” a muted red-pink that’s much darker than the “pink rose” Samsung Galaxy S8. LG’s V30 is a flawed phone that’s both powerful and unpolished — it performs very well, but it has a dim, gritty screen. It produces fantastic sounds, but its camera could perform better in low light, and it has a middling battery life.

The raspberry red version will be no different from the other colors, but LG’s likely hoping that the new eye-catching hue can convince people still on the fence to finally purchase the phone. It will initially be available in LG’s home country, South Korea, right after CES and will roll out in Europe’s and Asia’s key markets afterward. Unfortunately, it’s not clear if the raspberry red V30 will come out in the US — you might end up having to import one if the phone’s not making its way stateside.

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