LG Watch W7

Starting out with a variety of different styles and designs, the smartwatch platform has now been bounded to a specific and consistent look. No matter who the manufacturer is, the styles are all nearly identical with the same features.

LG has produced a watch named as W7.

LG’s W7 is no different than other smartwatches. It’s a chunky, round watch with three buttons on the side and standard non-changeable straps. It presents as a very cheap watch but in reality, it is actually quite expensive. But the W7 does try to stand out in the crowd with one unique feature: in addition to the standard round touchscreen found on every Wear OS watch, the W7 has actual analog hands to display the time and other functions.

The design is twofold. The screen does not have to be on all the time to display the time. The watch appears very typical on the wrist, almost like a regular watch. It does not appear as a connected watch until you start touching the screen.

The W7 is not the first smartwatch to attempt to blend analog timekeeping with a touchscreen, but it is the first one to run Wear OS. And, as is often the issue with firsts, it has more than a few growing pains.

But it has downfalls as well. This watch does not contain a GPS, NFC or BP monitor or heart-rate monitor. And the analog hands cause a lot of disturbance while using the watch.

The LG watch W7 is quite mediocre. It is the most traditional-looking smartwatch ever seen. If someone would go for a smartwatch, they’d expect to have all the functions a smartwatch should have. And not to deal with the short-comings of the W7.

But LG is aware of the short-comings and have even slashed the price.




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