Apple can’t see Samsung making bucks off the iPhone X, and though the partnership is going smoothly for years, the aim is to depend least on its rival’s components.

The tech giant, LG is reportedly getting closer and closer to signing a big deal that we have been expecting for months.

Once Apple and LG finally reach an agreement, the Korean giant Samsung’s exclusive rights to supply iPhone OLED panels will end, officially. That’s because upcoming 2018 iPhone X sequels are still said to feature same display technology as the Galaxy S9 and Note 9.

The main point here is the LG will only be able to deliver 15 or 16 million high-quality OLED screens for a rumoured iPhone X Plus with a large 6.5-inch diagonal, likely to be launched in the fall. The South Korean tech giant, Samsung has to cover the rest handsets, including the whole production of iPhone X follow-ups.

 Still, if LG and Apple partnership reaches an agreement, it would certainly be a milestone for the OLED competition, likely setting an extended partnership in 2019 and beyond.

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