Travelling is an adventure that lets people explore hidden secrets of the world and nature. Travelling in groups can be fun and exciting, but for people who like travelling alone, it can be a bit terrifying. New culture, new people, perhaps new language. People get lost, nervous, confused about what actually to do to really enjoy. But there are certain launched apps that can actually be helpful for people travelling solo.

Coolest Audio Guide

Detour, launched in 2015, with 150 immersive audio walks in 17 cities. This app is exciting and fun way to have guided audio walking tours and exploring new places. Now, the team is planning to let public make a Detour as well. The best thing about it is that it has a built-in GPS which let you not hear about the places you have already arrived.

Make Your Trip More Special

Trips are for making new and unforgettable experiences but it is often difficult to find what activities to do to make moments last a lifetime. Here’s an app that has changed the way how you travel. Peek makes your trips with your friends and family more special and memorable by letting you book and discover your own preferred activities. It lets you book high-quality activities easily via computers, mobile phones or tablets worry-free anytime.

A Meal Together and Interactions at a Single Place

EatWith is eat with strangers and feel like home kind of app. It lets people host group dinners at the desired location with desired menus. It’s the perfect way to interact and make connections with different people at a single place on a single table. It respects cultural diversity and reduces the gap between different cultures.

Safety Comes First


Travelling alone or with group, safety is the first priority. There are certain personal safety apps that make you feel comfortable around your surroundings, and if there’s a real emergency, they automatically send the police to your exact location. So, whatever you’re travelling for, even if that is yacht rental Dubai, you really need to have these apps.

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