Even LinkedIn couldn’t resist to copy Snapchat app features!

Well, guess what, after social media apps like Facebook and Instagram copied the Snapchat app features, how could LinkedIn resist the feature too?

So, this is exactly what they did! LinkedIn introduced video and text effect filters on their website!

The professional social media website announced their latest feature on Tuesday for its members’ videos. At the moment, they have introduced only three features, but have promised that more will follow.

source: techjuice.pk

The company first introduced the simple video feature in their mobile app and site last August, saying that the feature is very useful to highlight the users’ skills and projects. The video feature let the people record videos or clips of them and upload them on their LinkedIn profiles. In late October, LinkedIn started testing its video filters and launched them for its users.

“With today’s launch, you can give your work buddy a ‘Work High Five,’ swap ideas on passion projects with ‘Side Hustle’ or share the latest with the ‘On the Air’ filter. In the future, you’ll see more filters you can use in your professional life.” said the company, last October while launching this feature.

Apart from that, LinkedIn added new text styles on Tuesday for its videos. These are the most common typographic  styles such as “FifthAve”, “Geometric”, and “Plain”. The network has announced to add more filters and text styles in the future and use this period to observe whether the users liked this feature or not.

Previously, the job-oriented social network site was known to assist their users to find suitable jobs for themselves or to connect with the people having mutual interests or working in their affiliated firms of interest. The social site was completely work-related and had no such entertainment options like the Snapchat app and Facebook.

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