Well-known digital publishers who focus on publishing uplifting stories of women, blame Facebook for its ‘shut-down.’

At the on-set of 2018, Facebook decided to prioritize its newsfeed. The major change by the leading social media platform triggered the digital markets and online businesses firms. 

As Facebook decided to give its ‘news feed’ a different look by giving priority to friends and family’s activities, the digital marketers found themselves in hot water.

Recently, a victim of Facebook’s prioritization policy showed up and blamed the tech-giant for ‘decimating its business.’

Hundred people lost their jobs and it’s all because of Mark Zuckerberg’s policies:

Little things; the female-focused publishers faced huge loss in their business as the 75% of little-things news was wiped out from Facebook, says its Cheif executive Joe Spieser in conversation with Business Insider.

The president and Cheif operation of Little-Things was disappointed about the firm’s shut down and feels that this action resulted in the loss of ‘100 incredible people.’

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Mark Zuckerberg and other people working in Facebook think of this policy as a way of re-constructing Facebook’s damaged image, the online business holders like Little-Things believes that these algorithm changes are ‘catastrophic.’

While the firm is looking forward to selling its business to other leading social media platforms, Facebook seems unconcerned about its policies’ damaging results.

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