Sunday, September 22, 2019
‘Live Message’ on Galaxy Note 8 enables you to draw on photos

‘Live Message’ on Galaxy Note 8 enables you to draw on photos


While Samsung used to be known for stacking up its cell phones with all way of tricky software of uncertain utility, the organization has pulled back on its Android customizations lately. But with the recent launching of the Galaxy Note 8, Samsung couldn’t avoid flaunting another trick to go with the phone’s amazing camera system. “Live Messages” gives you a chance to shoot a picture and draw on it, much like you can do in Snapchat and Instagram. Normally, the S Pen and the expansive screen makes this somewhat simpler than it may be on different phones. And you’re not restricted to how you can share it – live messages are changed over to GIFs that you can send to anybody you wish.

That is different from Apple’s Live Photos, which shoot a bit of a video before and then afterwards a photograph is shot to add movement to the picture.You can see these only on other iOS devices, however, there are a lot of approaches to convert them for viewing them somewhere else. You likewise don’t need to use a photograph to start a Live Message – you can likewise simply begin drawing and shoot the movement and send it, similar to Apple’s digital touch messages that it initially presented with the Apple Watch.

One drawback that is observed up til now is that the GIFs it creates can be of a large size, between 10 and 20 MB.  Obviously, this is quite recently our first introductory tests. When we put the Galaxy Note 8 through a full review, we’ll delve into the new feature and see how much flexibility is there.

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