Nursery rhymes are a part of our preschool curriculum. In our childhood, we all have been forced by our parents into singing a nursery rhyme. One of the most popular, being “London bridge is falling down.” it signifies the depredations of London bridge and attempts to repair it. It’s kind of cute, isn’t?
Now that we are all grown up, we should know the interesting thing about this phrase.

‘London Bridge is down’ represents the secret code for the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Elizabeth II is the longest serving monarch in the history of British Empire.

Her rule extends from Great Britain to your favorite holiday destination: Bahamas. Her Majesty is the Head of State for 16 countries, known as the “Commonwealth Realms”.
With such power, comes a great deal of supremacy. Therefore, Queen’s death shall be an important event in the history of the world.

Here is the breakdown of the events followed by the Queen’s death.

Notification to the Prime Minister

After the confirmation of Queen’s death from her personal physician, Professor Huw Thomas, the Prime Minister shall be notified by her secretary through a private line to avoid preemptive leaks.

Notification to the Commonwealth Realms and Countries

The Foreign Office’s Global response Center will notify 15 Governments outside the U.K. and 36 nations of the Commonwealth where she has served as a symbolic figurehead.

(Note: The news shall be kept hidden from the media until now)

Notification to the Media

For many years, BBC was told about Royal Deaths before anyone else. Since the monopoly is no longer sustaining, Press Association Agency and all other News outlets will be alerted at once.


The funerals in the Royal Family are pre-planned. The Queen shall be given a State Funeral but it would not be open to the public. However, the burial ceremony will not take place until the 9th day of her death. Yeah, that’s right.

Starting after four days, Queen’s body will be lying in state in Westminster Hall for the public to pay their respect for four days.

On a ninth day, a procession will follow from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey.

The place of burial has been decided by the Queen herself. However, there are speculations that place of burial will be Frogmore Gardens.

The funeral shall be attended by the royal family, politicians, World Leaders, and friends of the family.

Final thoughts!

Despite the shady history of British Colonialism, the British Monarchy serves as a symbol of pride, stability, continuity, and British values. The Queen’s death will be a tragic event for the entire world.


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